Today, can be very challenging to travel directly to African countries from the West and out of Africa directly to Western countries, Sometimes, there is a requirement that you need to transit through other countries such as France, UK, Casablanca or Turkey, as examples, to reach your destination. This situation does not help to develop the continent. However, undoubtedly, the Airline Business is growing very fast in Africa. According to the International Air Transport Association, by 2035, there will be 303 million air passengers on the continent, and African airline companies will buy more than one thousand aircrafts. 

An Historic Partnership and Alliance !

Created in 2012 in Canada, with the name COPPEL cargo, and after having undergone several modifications and refitting, Panafricairlines International SAS, was born on May 20, 2017. A Beninese company established in Cotonou. 

On 15 October 2019 – an historic partnership and alliance was born between The State of the African Diaspora and PanaAfricaAirlines.  Citizens of The 6th Region will receive benefits and discounts when choosing to fly on our airline.

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