Our Parliament

The Parliament of the State of the African Diaspora is composed of members who bear the title of Deputy. This Parliament includes 500 deputies, from the 5 sub-regions of the diaspora:

-100 deputies representing South America,

-100 deputies representing Central America & Caribbean,

-100 deputies representing North America,

-100 deputies representing Europe,

-100 deputies representing Asia and Oceania.

The members of the Parliament meet in thematic committees :

– Committee on Economic Affairs

– Committee on Industry, Infrastructure and New Technologies 

– Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries 

– Committee on Social Affairs

– Committee on Culture and Heritage

– Justice and Human Rights 

The deputies of the State of the African Diaspora are not expected to legislate on African countries, nor on the countries of the diaspora, of course. But they vote for our own legislation, for the budget, and in the commissions, they work to build development projects that strengthen Africa, the diaspora, or both of them.

Global Parliamentary Deputies

We are currently in the recruitment drive for Deputies to represent The State of the African Diaspora in their countries.

We are phasing the launching of the Parliaments in stages and by Sub-Region, however, the recruitment has taken off considerably and we already have Deputies in place from many regions in the world (see below).

  • Our First Phase Official Launch will be the European Branch of the Parliament of the State of the African Diaspora. This took place in Paris in October 2019
  • The next branches of the Parliament (North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa) will be created in the coming months, and will be announced here. Stay connected !

Therefore, we would like to present the names of the European Parliament Deputies and the other Deputies which have thus far been recruited from the other Sub-Regions …