The Meaning behind our State Logo

The State of the African Diaspora logo has been designed to represent and carry a very special, specific and thoughtful meaning:

  1. The Red Birds represent flying away from the Continent and represents our past, the Ancestors, and oftentimes, in a context of blood and tragedy;
  2. The Blue Birds represents the crossing of the Seas & the Skies to other lands;
  3. The Green Birds represents our present and the lands where we sojourned for hundreds of years until now and, like the birds, we are rising;
  4. The Gold Birds represents our present and future and signifies our glorious reunification with the Motherland.

We are extremely proud to bear and honour our State Logo and what it signifies.  The colours in the logo are the colours of Africa, which can be found on most African flags.  We hope that our Citizens of the 6th Region will also feel proud to know they are a part of this great Pan-African Renaissance into the 21st Century !

Prime Minister – Louis-Georges Tin