Dr. Louis-Georges Tin


 In 2014, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President-in-Office of the African Union gave a mandate to Louis-Georges Tin, chairperson of the CRAN, to set up the African Diaspora, to “give substance” to the Sixth Region:

“You wished to attract our attention about your project that aims to give substance to the 6th region of the African Union(…). The interview I had with you and the information that we collected about your activities gave me the assurance of the major role the CRAN can play to contribute to the implementation of the programs of development of our Continent.”

Since then, with an international team, Louis-Georges Tin has formed a Government, and launched development projects in all areas with the support of several African Authorities, such as The Pan African Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities, which supports the 6th Region, that is the State of the African Diaspora.

The State of the African Diaspora and its Government is the conduit vehicle by which civil society may register for citizenship to participate within the 6th Region Economic Community. This resource citizenship database will include individuals – qualified or otherwise, doctors, lawyers, small rural farmers, students, graduates, business women/men, skilled carpenters, builders, etc. to high level businesses, corporations, institutions, companies, NGO’s etc. – therefore not only will our human resources and skills be unlimited and drawn from all sectors of society, it will also be an extremely viable and useful resource for alliances, partnerships and collaborations globally.

We intend region by region wide registration of Afro-Descendant populations from all sectors of the society who wish to identify as belonging to the Sixth Region of Africa. This will allow us collectively to engage with each other through a strong and powerful range of diverse peoples of Afro-descent.