Minister of Historical Legacy

Prof. Anita M. Diop
Cultural Historian & Author
Professor Anita M. Diop is currently teaching African American and American History at Hopkinsville Community College and serves as the Adviser for the Minority Student Union and the History Club. She is also the Founder and Executive Director for the African Roots and Heritage Foundation (ARHF). ARHF is a non-profit organization with a mission to share African Culture through public programs such as the African Roots and Heritage Festival which drew 19 African Nations together to plan and participate building the bridges between the Diaspora and the African continent. Their Motto is “Celebrating Our Heritage, while confronting the Challenges of being Black”.

Professor Diop specializes in the Culture and Arts and her scholarly works, include, Katherine Dunham: An African American Cultural Icon and various essays and articles. Professor Diop also is a travel photographer and has exhibited her photographic essay, entitled Eyes of the AfricanPrincess, at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and many other government sites, colleges, and universities. To her credit she is also an award winning short film Director and Producer of “Concrete Roses”.

In 2010 Anita was elected at the Ohio Representative for the Sixth Regional Diaspora Caucus and later became the International Representative to the African Union. She has sat on the 3rd and 4th Pan African Cultural Congress, and the 3rd Minister of Culture (CAMC3) and the Youth, Culture, and Sport (STC-YCS2). Her most recent accomplishment includes participating in The 1st African Union Pan African Writer’s Conference, and was elected as representative of the Diaspora for the Bureau’s Meeting.

She is known as the Spirit of Africa because of her passionate works on bringing cultural awareness and participating in the ongoing Africana Renaissance and uplifting African people no matter where they dwell.