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The online museum of restitution means to show the numerous African artefacts which were looted during Colonisation. Most of them are now in western museums such as the British Museum in London, the Louvre in Paris, the Tervuren Museum in Brussels, the Weltmuseum in Vienna, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, etc.

Most people are unaware of this history, but according to Aminata Traoré, former minister of culture of Mali, more than 95% of the classical heritage of Africa is out Africa!

It is time to claim back these artefacts. It is a matter of fundamental rights, of cultural identity, spitirual integrity and economic development.

After our lobbying efforts, the European Parliament has adopted a historical text calling the EU institutions and States to implement « some form of reparations such as offering public apologies and the restitution of stolen artefacts to their countries of origin ».

So now, it is time for action!


Restitution is our first aim. This website is a tool for advocacy. It shows some examples of artefacts which were stolen from Africa. It provides historical background, legal references, galleries and arguments to counter the neo-colonialist rhetorics. Restitution is a part of reparation.

Education is our second aim. We need to educate people, African or not, about our legacy. It is a source of knowledge, but also of pride. That is why this history and these artefacts are also a part of our future.