Your Citizenship of the 6th Region

Sovereign Citizenship for African People of the Diaspora

To be a citizen of the State of the African Diaspora (a Popular Sovereignty) and The Sixth Region Economic Community (ECO-6), an identity card will be issued. In addition, many members of the Diaspora aspire to return to Africa. But some, especially those whose ancestors were deported and enslaved, have no connection with any particular country: their homeland is Africa. In the words of Marcus Garvey, “repatriation is repair.” To foreigners who want to go to Africa, you can apply for a visa; but the sons and daughters of the continent who were deported are not strangers. This is why we are creating the identity card.

Only Sovereign Citizens of ECO-6 will be able to vote, participate and receive the benefits of being a citizen within the 6th Region of Africa.

Parliament and Voting Rights

The Parliamentary members serve and will be the interface between civil society citizens and the Government.  The Parliamentary members will comprise of people from the civil society from all walks of life and sectors – so that civil society is properly and fairly represented in all its many facets from the youth to the elderly and from the individual to a corporate business to grass roots organisations etc.  In time, there will be elections to vote in new parliamentary members.  Only citizens who have their Sovereign ID will be able to vote at elections for Parliamentary members.


ECO-6 will be issuing a Diaspora passport to support the free movement of the Diaspora in and out of Africa.  The African Union plans on issuing its passport for the Continent in 2020.


ID Card Registration

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