Here is a list of the first achievements of the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD), achievements implemented with our international partners.

Politics and Diplomacy

-launching the State of the African Diaspora in Mauritania (July 2018)

-launching of the SOAD Government in Ivory Coast (October 2018)

-recognition of the SOAD by Mauritania (June 2019)

-recognition of the SOAD by the Maroon State of Jamaica (July 2019)

-signature of the Eco 6 Treaty (August 2019)

-launching of the European Branch of the SOAD Parliament (October 2019)

-recognition of the SOAD by Somalia (November 2019)

-creation of the first SOAD Embassy in South Africa (February 2020)

-recognition of the SOAD by the Kings and traditional leaders of Africa (March 2020)

-launching of the ID cards (April 2020)


Economy and Social issues

-Signature of a MOU with the India-Japan Partnership in Norway (December 2019)

-Launching of the Scholarships and Internships program (March 2020)

-Creating the Program for land with the African Kings (March 2020)

-Launching of the SOAD Chamber of Commerce in Dubai (April 2020)

-Launching of the West African Agricultural Commodity Exchange (April 2020)

-Launching of the SOAD Food Bank, with ramifications in the USA, Italy, Honduras, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa (April 2020)


Culture and human rights

-Vote of a resolution at the European Parliament for reparation and restitution (March 2019)

-Creation of the program for the International Decade of Great Return (January 2020)

-Publishing of the report for the Slavery Museum in Paris (March 2020)

-Creation of the Panafrican Social Media, Kouman (March 2020)

-Publishing of the international report on Afrophobia (May 2020)