The SOAD launches the George Floyd Compassionate Act : ‘‘Make them pay !’’

The SOAD launches the George Floyd Compassionate Act : ‘‘Make them pay !’’

After the racist murder that happened a few days ago in Minneapolis, the State of the African Diaspora is suggesting that a law, titled the George Floyd Compassionate Act” be enacted.

The idea behind this is clear : it is impossible to redress the victims killed at the hands of the police, but what about their families ? Who is going to pay for the children ? For their food, for their house, for their education, for their health ? This is what the proposal of this law concerns.

We propose the following articles to be instituted :-

Article 1 :   When a police officer kills an unarmed or restrained and bound up person, compensation will be paid to families, children and relatives, regardless of the final decisions of the Court. It will be paid from the police funds which support police killed or injured in the line of duty.

Article 2 :   the amount paid will be on the basis of moral and material damage, with special attention to the children.

Article 3 :   of the sum calculated, a further 25% of the police fund will be donated to aid local associations, groups, NGOs fighting against racism and police brutality.

Dr Louis-Georges Tin, Prime Minister of the State of the African Diaspora, stated :

‘‘There are too many murderers in the police. The law is designed to make them pay! It will help the families of the victims and it will help the police officers to think twice before acting and especially killing’’.

The SOAD believes that the George Floyd Compassionate Act should be voted in Minneapolis, in all the states of the USA, endorsed by all the candidates of the presidential election, and further, it should be adopted in all the countries where ethnic minorities are exposed to police brutality.  The SOAD urges activists and politicians to use this framework to fight for human rights.