Interview with Junior Kouffe, Youth Ambassador of the State of the African Diaspora

Interview with Junior Kouffe, Youth Ambassador of the State of the African Diaspora
– Junior Kouffe, you have created a new African social network called Kouhman. Could you tell us more about this name?
Thank you for the opportunity, I wanted a name that evokes something African so I chose the word KOUHMAN. it is coming from an African language!Dioula, the language of my father; in this language, Kouhman means Talk.
So I wanted Africa to talk about its history, its virtues, its qualities, its people and its diaspora.
-Can you tell us more about the team behind this project?
Behind Kouhman is my entire  team, whom I thank.
The whole team was very motivated to create something that would make us stand out and that will highlight Africa, we hope!
I could therefore quote:
HERVE AMETEPE the infographic,
FLORENTIN AVI the proofreader and translator,
DAVID AYIVI the promoter,
FLORENTINE AVI the promotion assistant,
ASSETOU DIABATE GNOH the design analyst,
ODILE KOUGBEADJO the second design analyst.
All of us, we had to work as it should with rigor and selflessness and each have played his role fully, KOUHMAN is the final result.
-Why did you create Kouhman?
For the short story, it’s more than a design. Everything started from an observation and a mental revolution!
The world today knows the rise of the internet and of communication media such as social networks. All this is good, but being of the generation that groew with technology, I realized that Africa has not yet played its part; despite the fact that we are part of the largest consumer market for social networks unfortunately there again Africa does not say a word and consumes without reluctance.
Knowing therefore that a change of mentality is necessary, I decided to create not only a social network but one that truly reflects the social as we know it in Africa, a network of sharing, solidarity, respect and love for the continent.
-What is Pan-African about Kouhman?
It’s funny every time I say it sounds weird for a young African but Africa doesn’t know a like! It was forced to accept a system other than what it knew!
What is Pan-African about Kouhman is its functions and its African side shift. Indeed, in KOUHMAN, we TCHIPP! no matter one’s opinion and we Kiff! when we like or love in order keep the fun side of Africa things that Africans are familiar with; in addition the tontine (means of contribution and loan without contract or guarantee) we therefore allow users to make a tontine from the web.
-Can you tell us more about your partnership with the State of African Diaspora?
Our partnership with the State of African Diaspora is much more than an opportunity for the SOAD supports us . We work together on projects contributing to achieve the objectives of the SOAD in particular in the IT field and more precisely on the achievements that we have been entrusted with, and it is in this collaboration that we had to create the PAN-AFRICAN AGENCY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND INTERNSHIPS site which offers the possibility to African students to benefit from scholarships and support for their studies as well as internships for graduates as aware of the challenges of African youth and its problems acquisition of advanced training courses, it decided to support this component. We also had the honor of designing the platform for PAN-AFRICAN TELEMEDECINE PROGRAM which uses the African doctors of the dispora to serve African patients by means of technology because there again, there is a deficiency and a big lack seen the proportion of doctors available for the African population; note also that this service is free for all patients and that these doctors volunteer. The next step will be the VIRTUAL MUSEUM project for the restitution of African works of art looted during colonization; indeed this museum will allow to list all the African works of art which are outside the continent by classifying them by country and exhibiting museums! While allowing therefore the possibility of seeing our African works of art online before, during and after their restitution; To quote only those.
-What are your plans for the future?
For the future we aspire with our skills to contribute more to the achievement of a new, strong and independent Africa in technology not only with KOUHMAN because certainly, we intend to perfect KOUHMAN with innovative functions but we especially want Africans to be more consumers of local technological products for more independence from other continents to better develop. In a word, Africa first!