Meet Edgar Ikombo, Minister of Home Affairs

Meet Edgar Ikombo, Minister of Home Affairs

Edgar Ikombo, you are the Minister of Home Affairs of the State of the African Diaspora. Could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Edgar Cesaire Ikombo.  I was born in Congo Brazzaville, grew up in Washington DC, and I now  reside in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I  have a Bachelor in Political Sciences and Economics, a Legal fellowship from Georgetown Law, and an MBA in Business Administration.  My daily activities revolve around Management Consulting and Business Development.  I’m a big believer in the concept of the United States of Africa .  As such, I’m honored, and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve this noble cause.

– What is your vision of pan-africanism ?

To me, Pan-africanism means all of Africa’s children United in a singularity of purpose:  which is building and maintaining a free, independant, prosperous and safe Africa where our cultural expressions can blossom unencumbered, and where every single one of us feels/is at home.

– Who is your favourite character in Panafrican history, and why ?

There are many.  However, in this case it will be Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the First President of the United States of Africa.  He talked the talk and walked the walk.  What I mean to say is that he didn’t just hypothesize about pan-africanism and black nationalism.  He actually took action towards its implementation.   That’s precisely the kinds of
deeds and actions that I would like to see us all undertake.  Africa reflects on all of us, as much as we reflect on Africa.  A stronger, more respected Africa means a stronger, more respected African people.
This would potentially translate into the end of abuses, and all sorts of human rights violations we are subjected to, currently.

-How do you see Africa and the Diaspora in the 21st Century ?

I see a strong, powerful, prosperous, and a humanising Africa, with a united diaspora whose members are proud and unashamed to recognize and refer themselves as Africans.

– What are you planning to do in the future for the State of the African Diaspora, and how ?

I will endeavour to  bridge the gap between the diaspora and the continent, in order to align our purposes, so we can walk in the same direction. Our efforts and our actions will be for not, if we do not have a singularity of purpose.  Africa needs its diaspora, as its diaspora needs her.  All this will be achieved through the successful
completion of the SOAD’s missions.  As such, SOAD’s missions are my missions.