The State Of The African Diaspora Launches A Global Food Bank To Fight The Coronavirus

The State Of The African Diaspora Launches A Global Food Bank To Fight The Coronavirus

PARIS, FRANCE (April 13, 2020) – To fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) is proud to bring a new program called the SOAD Global Food Bank. The initiative is coordinated by Nina Womack, Member of the Parliament of the SOAD in the United States, and includes other Members of Parliament as well as Ambassadors from the USA, Haïti, Honduras, Panama, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, South Africa, Uganda, and Italy.
Various members of SOAD already were operating food insecurity programs in their different countries and they have now decided to coordinate their efforts to act on an international scale. That is why they are requesting governments, food companies, NGOs and individuals to help them help the world through these efforts.

“Public health officials recognize there’s a higher risk of food insecurity among people of color caused by structural racism and discrimination. Our mission is to offer solutions by connecting these vulnerable populations to existing food and nutrition hubs during this crisis. The right to adequate, nutritious food is a human rights issue, therefore, SOAD is committed to ensuring that the African diaspora is sustainable and fed,” said Nina Womack who runs a food bank in Los Angeles, California.

“The quarantine was designed by and for people working in offices who can work from home remotely and still receive their regular salaries. But for many others, the situation is different. Quarantine means no work, no money, hence no food. So in Africa, the health crisis could lead to a deeper food crisis,” said Louis-Georges Tin, the Prime Minister of the SOAD.

The People of African Descent in the world are particularly exposed to this problem. Figures show that black populations in the United States are 6 times more likely to die from Covid-19. But though we do not have the details, the situation is probably very difficult also for African migrants in Europe or Black landless peasants in Latin America. “The COVID-19 situation has affected our nation’s health and economic well-being in different forms and degrees,” explained SOAD MP, Melvin Brown from Panama. That is why the State of the African Diaspora is working in cooperation with different partners around the world to prevent the crisis from getting even worse for People of African Descent.

ABOUT SOAD: The State of the African Diaspora was formed in 2018 during the Summit of the African Union to reinforce Africa through the Diaspora, and the Diaspora through Africa.

For more information and how you can help, please contact or call (877) 594-1292. Visit the SOAD organization online at