New Museum of Slavery in Paris : The SOAD is glad to be a partner

The City of Paris will have a new museum of slavery : the State of the African Diaspora is glad to be a partner of this initiative.

In 2017, Dr Louis-Georges Tin brought in a resolution asking the City of Paris to host a museum of slavery as a reparation. Indeed in France, there are 12 000 museums, 12 museums of clogs, not a single museum of slavery. It was high time to build one. After a great lobbying campaign, the text was adopted unanimously.

Dr Louis-Georges Tin and Dr Joanes Louis organised a working group with deputies, senators, historians, sociologists. The final report was published yesterday : it insists on the fight for freedom, of course, but also recalls the need for truth and justice, that are no less important. It provides many examples of great women, and underlines the particular situation of children during that time. The report also shows how slavery has transformed the whole world, and how its consequences are still visible everywhere on the planet.

All the candidates for local elections have expressed their support to the project, so when the future mayor is elected, Tin said,  we will work with him or her to implement the project. To commemorate is fine, but to repair is better. »

Being one of the founding partners of this project, the State of the African Diaspora will support it, and will favour its activities internationally.