Meet Professor Bruno Bernard, Ambassador of the SOAD

Meet Professor Bruno Bernard, Ambassador of the SOAD

Question 1 :- Could you introduce yourself ?

Professor Bruno Bernard -Professor Bruno Bernard Dr H.C. economist Ambassador of the African Diaspora for the Francophonie, white (reverse of Bounty  white outside black inside) having grown up in Central Africa in a mixed family with a double culture since my childhood. Afro-European culturally speaking and in love with the continent.

Question 2 :- What is your vision of pan-Africanism?
Professor Bruno Bernard -An emerging Africa no longer ashamed of itself. A world where Africans no longer want to forget their roots.

Question 3 :-Who is your favorite character in Pan-African history, and why?
Professor Bruno Bernard -The Negus Haile Selassie forgotten in history the only one who resisted the colonial invasion and also two queens Ranavalona III is the last sovereign of the Kingdom of Madagascar and Dihya Kahina Berber warrior queen who fought against the invaders.

Question 4 :- With the advent of technology and investments in Africa, how do you see Africa and the diaspora in the 21st century?
Professor Bruno Bernard -The web will bring information to Africa and information is economic power. The Diaspora could reclaim Africa by the second generation which is less ashamed of its origin and which will understand or its the riches of the future because Africa is the last Continent to develop.

Question 5 :- What initiatives and projects have manifested through your position within the State of the African diaspora?
Professor Bruno Bernard -By the French language bring together Africans from the diaspora who have this common characteristic: This language from Madagascar to Dakar via Djibouti or Kinshasa

Question 6 :- What do you intend to do in the future for the State of the African diaspora?
Professor Bruno Bernard -Federate, communicate, explain and then organize commercial (more export of transformed production from Africa) and cultural relations (return of spoiled treasure) between members of the diaspora and their roots.