Meet Nabhit Kapur, SOAD Ambasssador

Meet Nabhit Kapur, SOAD Ambasssador

Question 1:- Dear Amb Prof Nabhit , Could you introduce yourself?

Nabhit Kapur – Dear all I was recently appointed as Ambassador to the state of African diaspora. My main line of work has been in mental health and happiness. I am the founder of peacfulmind foundation and global chamber of business leaders.

Question 2:- What is your vision of Panafricanism?

Nabhit Kapur – The respect for each other without worrying about boundaries is pan Africanism. The love for each other and the sense of belongingness to the same continent is Pan African.

Question 3:- Who is your favourite character in Pan-African history, and why?
Nabhit Kapur – My favourite character in pan African history is Nelson Mandela because he encouraged the process of peace in africa.

Question 4:- With the onset of technology and investment in Africa, how do you see Africa in the 21st Century?
Africa is on a very strategic turn which will define its future
Nabhit Kapur – development. The rate of investment in Africa by foreigners have grown up. Africa is the strategic hub for all. The only thing which limits africa from growth is its tendency to get exploited rather explored.
We need to work on youth and governance to develop the continent. The continent already has everything.

Question 5:- What initiatives and projects have manifested through your position within the State of the African Diaspora?
Nabhit Kapur – Through my appointment various projects I had undertaken were
internships for for students, organised scholarships from USA for students, worked on development of the SOAD chamber of commerce, nominating leading business people and humanitarian workers to ambassadors on SOAD etc.

Question 6:- What are you planning to do in the future for the State of the African Diaspora?

Nabhit Kapur – I would be working to promote the SOAD in any way possible plus working on getting business houses and leading investors to join SOAD. I would rather work for economic diplomacy and represent the State at
different conferences and seminars.