Meet King Francis, Dean of Ambassadors of the SOAD

Meet King Francis, Dean of Ambassadors of the SOAD

Question 1 :- Majesty, could you introduce yourself?
King Francis –Royal greetings. This is the Dean of ambassadors to the State of the African Diaspora H.R.M Francis Kelichi Nwaneri ll the Paramount Chief of Africa.

Question 2 :- What is your vision of panafricanism.
H.R.M Francis Kelichi Nwaneri ll –My vision of panafricanism is to restore, revive and resuscitate the dignity of Africa

Question 3 :- Who is your favourite character in the Panafrican history and why?
King Francis –My favourite panafricanist is Kwame Nkurumah because he was a visionary who had fore sighted all the present happening in Africa but when he was saying all that it looked like he was crazy.He was taken as one of those politicians but he did not reliant, he implemented some visions by himself and saw to their success.

Question 4 :- With the onset of technology and investment in Africa, how do you see Africa and Diaspora in the 21st century?
King Francis –l see it as a success if Africans in the continent if brothers and sisters will genuinely come together and have a formidable effort as proudly Africans without selfish interests.

Question 5 :- What initiatives and projects have manifested through your position within the State of the African Diaspora?
King Francis –My fist task was to establish a real embassy, now recognised by the government of South Africa. I have also initiated the Heritage competition on the 23rd and the 24th of September in South Africa which of course has the door of return as one of the programme items for the heritage day I Have also been able to organise exhibitions of the local artefacts in and out of Johannesburg.

Above all expecting the visitation of the Diaspora for an interchange of cultural inheritance. Furthermore on projects, l have been able to convince several Kings of Africa for land giving and also signing of the artefacts appeal form. I have also solicited lands for solar energies, appointments of ambassadors in several African countries, recognition letters in different countries, etc.

Question 6 :- What are you planning to to do in the future for the State of the African Diaspora?
King Francis –l am planning to see the reunification of the Diaspora and the motherland Africa and can not wait to see a Diaspora strongly involved in the affairs, development in different areas of specialisation by the Diaspora to Africa.