Meet Bernard Msekwa, SOAD Ambasssador

Meet Bernard Msekwa, SOAD Ambasssador

Question 1 :-  Could you introduce yourself ?
Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa -My name is Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa, an International Business and  Investment Development Consultant, based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. I  have worked previously with government of Tanzania as civil servant and  later on joined private sector to working with Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture  (TCCIA ) until when I decided to go into self employment to date providing consultancy services in all matters relating to business, investment and financing. I am now an ambassador of the State of the African Diaspora for the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Question 2 :- What is your vision of panafricanism ?
Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa -The Pan-African history dates back to late 1960’s when many African  Countries started struggling for independence from the former different colonies. And this is when many African leaders came up with thoughts of unifying African Countries into one and form United States of Africa, the dream of which never materialised to date, why? because many African leaders, were lacking serious commitment and patriotism.

Question 3 :- Who is your favourite character in Panafrican history, and why?
Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa – My favorite characters in Panafrican history is the late Nkwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania, Yasser Nasser of Egypt and the others who were in a forefront in fighting for more independence to other African countries which were still under colonialism while setting strategy torwards realization of Panafricanism and make one Africa State.

Question 4  :-  With the onset of technology and investment in Africa, how do you see Africa in the 21st Century ?
Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa – Africa and Diaspora in 21st century have a short cut for copping and paste in utilising the diasporas resources in stimulating the economies of African Countries torwards self reliance and building strong and health economies but this has to be embedded to our brothers and sisters living in diasporas to change their mind set that home is best and they are the ones to change and develop.

Question 5 :- What initiatives and projects have manifested through your position within the State of the African Diaspora?
Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa -I have not yet manifested a lot through my position since I am still new in a State of the African Diaspora, but I do have wide vision and mission in enhancing the diasporas targeted goals.

Question 6 :- What are you planning to do in the future for the State of the African Diaspora?
Bernard Pangaumi Msekwa – I have a lot in mind but the issue of lobbying via the audience of African Unio (AU) is key among others. Let us make sure that the African Countries wake up to understand throughlly on the benefit of using the Diaspora Vehicle in changing our mind set. The inferiority prevailing among African Countries, is because we are still sleeping, waiting for the Developed Economies to help us without knowing the negative consequences we are facing that still paralysing out mental ability to go on our own. Ladies and Gentlemen, let stop here as per the questions raised. Otherwise, I do have many to add value to the State of the African Diaspora.