Meet Mylene Pereira Ramos, Minister of Justice

Question 1 :- Could you introduce yourself ?
Mylene Pereira Ramos:- I was  born in São Paulo, Brasil, the country that has the largest African descent population – more than 100 million people -, in a family where my father Abílio Pereira Ramos was a constructor worker, and my mother a domestic employee. Naturally, my resources to break the poverty and effects of racism were few. My determination and the support of my parents were very important to become one of the few federal labor judges in the country in 1994.

After 25 years working as a Federal Labour Judge in Brazil, I am ready to face a new big challenge. Since my retirement I am devoting my time as the Minister  of Justice of the State of the African Diaspora. The SOAD Prime Minister, Dr Louis-Georges Tin, has appointed me to such position, and asked me to work on the most crucial issues affecting the African Diaspora people nowadays.

Question 2 :- What is your vision of panafricanism ?
Mylene Pereira Ramos:- The only answer to our  collective problems is pan-africanism which will
bound people from African descend all over the World to think and act collectively.

Question 3 :- Who is your favourite character in Panafrican history, and why?
Mylene Pereira Ramos:- Abadias do Nascimento, a Brazilian born in 1914, which was one of the first Pan africanist to spread internationally the  word about racism and racial relations in Brazil.

Question 4:- What initiatives and projects have manifested through your position within the State of the African Diaspora?
Mylene Pereira Ramos:- In fact, most of the African Diaspora population suffer from problems related and resulting from racism all over the continents where they are. And in order to identify the actions we need to take to fight racism, as a Minister of Justice, I am coordinating a program called International Observatory of Afrophobia, which will receive reports from different institutions related to racial discrimination. These reports will be
launched in different press conferences all over the world, in the European *union and in the United Nations in March 2020, for the international day for the limination of racial discrimination.

Also, we are launching an International Court of Justice for the State of the African Diaspora. It has been long that cases related to racism, racial discrimination, and African culture, heritage and goods, have not been properly solved in national courts. The International Court of the State of the African Diaspora will be specialized only in such issues,
and will be composed by several juges, all experts from the African Diaspora.