Meet Keturah Amoako, Vice Prime Minister

Meet Keturah Amoako, Vice Prime Minister

Question 1:- Dear Ms Amoako, Could you introduce yourself ? 

Vice Prime Minister-  Yes, thankyou, my African name is Ms Keturah Amoako, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Repatriation of the State of the African Diaspora.  I am responsible for the Repatriation initiatives for the return to Africa of our Afro-Descendant populations.  I am of African-Caribbean parentage and was brought up in the UK.  My Ancestors of my lineage link to West Africa with some ties into Ghana.  I have been a part of several Pan-African organisations always in the pursuit of realising much of the philosophies of Marcus Garvey and other influential orators and Pan-African activists.

Question 2:- What is your vision of Panafricanism ? 

Vice Prime Minister-  The subject of Pan-Africanism is a vast complex subject which continues to evolve with time.  PanAfricanism is a multi-level and multi-faceted goal.  For me, it involves a mental, spiritual and physical approach to achieve self-realisation and self-actualisation.  Pan-Africanism entails the removal of externally imposed ideologies and theologies, to remove the veils and layers of falsehood which has been imprinted not just in our minds, but has also impregnated I believe, our DNA. The illusions by which we now live from what we have been fed by external sources, we believe is reality and it is the very thing which is at the forefront of our collective demise and spiritual misalignment.  In order to achieve African centred liberty of the mind and essence of the origin of the spirit, we should seek to recover the sacred teachings, codes and knowledge that our Ancestors left for us on how to co-exist in this world in balance with everything else – to rewire and reconstruct the damage that the illusionary world has imprinted in order to effect a collective healing and a collective renaissance and with that, we will then be able to set the course of our own destiny, on our own terms as a unified whole.

Question 3:- Who is your favourite character in Pan-african history, and why?

Vice Prime Minister-  I have many, to be honest.  However, if I were to select one, albeit it is in our more recent history, it would probably be the Historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke – who produced the film “A Great and Mighty Walk”.  I was mesmerised by his film and it took me on a journey, of pain, challenges, joy and liberation.  He had a profound impact on me and I know he has been inspirational to African Diasporans as a whole.

Question 4:- With the onset of technology and investment in Africa, how do you see Africa in the 21st Century ? 

Vice Prime Minister-  This also is a vast subject and it is something which is a evolutionary process. I believe our young people, our young entrepreneurs and visionaries will need to rise up and steer this process. They need to envision technology that does not inflict, conflict or harm people and the planet. They will need to be the keepers and caretakers of the planet and its resources.  They will need to understand that you cannot infinitely exploit resources from the earth which is a finite place.  In terms of economy, we can see Africa is on course to remove the existence of physical money.  It has already implemented digitalised money, such as mobile money, and, that being the case, then everyone no matter where you are should be able to improve the quality of life, whether you are in a city or in the remotest village.  Our young entrepreneurs and visionaries must not be swept up in technologies that does not serve the greater good, Africa does not need robots acting like humans and thus they must ensure that what is good for one, may not be good for another.  But I see a most promising future full of creative and enthusiastic potential and I am hopeful that Africa will produce the best ethical drivers of it.

Question 5:- What initiatives and projects have manifested through your position within the State of the African Diaspora ? 

Vice Prime Minister-  As Minister of Repatriation – there are several projects which are manifesting, but just to highlight a few, these are:

  1. Repatriation of Afro-Descendants through an initiative we are seeking to work with the 5 Regional Economic Communities of Africa.
  2. The implementation of the continental African Diaspora Parliamentary Deputy recruitment for the State of the African Diaspora. This will ensure that we now have Parliamentary Deputies for the State across the Diaspora and in Africa.  The launch of the Continental African Diaspora Parliamentary Deputies will take place in Addis Ababa around January 2021.
  3. Restitution of African Cultural Art, Artifacts and Antiquities stolen and looted during colonisation. The Prime Minister and I are working on this initiative.  We wish to restore old colonial disused forts and buildings scattered across Africa in key locations into high spec curated museums of study and with the return of the art, these facilities can be a source of revenue for the country as well as an educational resource for young students who have never seen these works of art before and to get to understand the meaning behind them.
  4. Agricultural Collective Farming Co-operatives – where groups of repatriating diasporans, live and work as farming communities, engaged with farming and processing the raw materials into finished products for local and international markets.

Question 6:- What are you planning to do in the future for the State of the African Diaspora? 

Vice Prime Minister-  I am working on a profound initiative, of which I do not wish to disclose the details at this point.  But, what I will say is that it is spiritual in nature and long overdue.  It will be a pinnacle, I believe, of the 21st Century Pan-African Renaissance.  Thank you very much.