ADIS 2020: Defining an Investment Framework for Africa

ADIS 2020: Defining an Investment Framework for Africa

African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2020 (ADIS2020) is the fifth annual global convening of leaders, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs who seek to uplift the African continent by building bridges among Africans, Diasporans, and friends of Africa. Located in Silicon Valley, the innovation and entrepreneurial capital of the world, the conference aims to inspire and empower participants to be agents of change and active contributors to Africa’s development.


AN-BST.jpgWelcome to the Fifth Annual African Diaspora Investment Symposium!

“Over the last four iterations of ADIS, we have hosted over 1000 Africans, Diasporans, and friends of Africa in the heart of Silicon Valley. From Silicon Valley to the East Coast, we have scaled our convenings to Washington, D.C. and New York. All this is possible thanks to the support of our Board, financial sponsors, advisory committee, champions, and our small but mighty team.

As ADN scales, so does the incredible work of the network, especially organizing the Fifth African Diaspora Investment Symposium. The ADIS2020 theme, “Defining an Investment Framework in Africa,” seeks to define an investment framework on the continent through panel discussions, and participant-driven workshops focused on designing streamlined and sustainable systems across the continent. With a key emphasis on harnessing the power of digitization of which major themes include:

– The Role of Government and Businesses to Create Private-Public Partnerships
– Investment and Entrepreneurship to Build Thriving Communities in Africa”

Almaz Negash


Why attend ADIS 2020?
The 2020 symposium provides an intimate, cross-sector environment for entrepreneurs, investors, government representatives, academics, and corporate and non-profit leaders. Our success stems from leveraging experts from these distinct channels to reach and engage stakeholders in the Diaspora who seek to shape Africa’s narrative through the lenses of innovation and entrepreneurship. As a catalyst for community-driven change, ADIS welcomes:

– Entrepreneurs who strive to launch or grow their business in Africa. The symposium offers tangible takeaways, a connected network, and tools about how to kickoff and grow their venture.

– Investors who seek to participate in Africa’s economic boom. The symposium showcases Diaspora-led and Africa-focused investment opportunities and channels with the promise of significant social and financial returns.

The Symposium Sessions: 

– Energy
– Health
– Education
– Agriculture
– Technology


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