The Professor Nabhit Kapur is the new ambassador of State of African Diaspora

The Professor Nabhit Kapur is the new ambassador of State of African Diaspora

Prime Minister of State of Africa diaspora, Louis George Tin has appointed Professor Nabhit Kapur as the Ambassador designate, being the first non-African to hold the office.

According to a statement of Communication from the office of the Prime Minister, indicates that the appointing authority is impressed beyond definitions with the work of Professor Nabhit.

His Excellency Ambassador Professor Nabhit is one of the famous leaders in the world who has made lime lights due to his service for mankind.

Professor Nabhit has been honored and recognized by different organizations across the global and recently he was awarded in England as one of the great leaders.

Nabhit is also the founder of Peaceful Mind Foundation.

Speaking to the generation times after the appointment, Professor Nabhit said he was honored and he does not take the honor for granted.
Nabhit further said the appointment has come in good time when his organization is making huge progress in serving human kind.

“I will use this honor as a motivation for me to work hard and continue demonstrating my passion to serve the community”, Nabhit said.

“This appointment has not just come to me, there are reasons why the Prime Minister appointed me. There are many people doing great work even more than me, but it pleased him among many to choose to recognize me, am so humbled”, he added.

Peaceful Mind Foundation is an organization that has stretched its visibility across the world and currently has opened offices in African countries including Malawi, Senegal, Nigeria, Zambia and South Sudan among others.