State of the African Diaspora: An historic Council of Ministers

State of the African Diaspora: An historic Council of Ministers

An Unprecedented Event – First Council of Ministers
The State of the African Diaspora (6th Region of Africa) organised in Abidjan, Ivory Coast its first Council of Ministers. Government members and their delegations came from all over the world: the United States, Jamaica, Martinique, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Turkey, Vietnam, etc.

On November 1, 2018 the Ceremony was held at His Majesty’s Palace, King Tchiffy Zié, General Secretary of the Forum of Traditional Kings and Leaders of Africa and moral authority of The State of the African Diaspora. On this occasion, the Monarchs from different regions of the African continent came and gave their blessing to the new Government. In addition, the representative of the African Union also lent her support to the Ministers of the Diaspora.
In the following days, the Council of Ministers met in closed sessions at the Hotel Ivoire. Presentations and discussions revolved around issues such as finance, economic development, new technologies, justice, ecology, education, culture, etc. Several large-scale projects have been tabled, such as an International Report on Afrophobia, which will address the injustices faced by Afro-descendants around the world.

Ministers also discussed an investment fund, which will be launched in 2019 to support agriculture in Africa and provide an international outlet for the continent’s products. Similarly, the Government has worked on concrete solutions to implement in the field of ecology. Africa is the continent that produces the least CO2, but 66% of the countries most threatened by global warming are in Africa.

At the end of the sessions, the Ministers of the Diaspora promoted the cause for the return to Africa by its descendants. The Ministers solicited a collective request to His Majesty and to the Kings and Traditional African Leaders for the children of the diaspora who were transported away from home either by the Transatlantic Slave Trade, through exile or by migration, have the desire to find their place back on the land of their Ancestors to return home. His Majesty, King Tchiffy Zié responded favourably to their request by recalling that they were entitled to this recognition.
The support that The State of the African Diaspora received from His Majesty King Tchiffy Zié and the African Kingdoms honoured and elevated the Ministers.

The Prime Minister, The Right Honorable Louis-Georges Tin concluded:
“I am also very happy, I would say, very proud of the work done by the entire Government in such a short time. That is Pan- Africanism in the 21st Century, Pan-Africanism in Action!”.

The Ministers completed their mission on Sunday, November 4 and propose to meet again for the second seating of the Government of The State of the African Diaspora in March 2019 in Luxembourg.